Salmon are King of the lake. Oswego has it all. Shallow water or deep water. You can be in 600' in just a short drive if need be. We go where the fish are. Salmon are rod busting, tackle smashing, line peeling bulldogs. Come catch a fish of a lifetime. The next Lake Ontario record maybe yours. The best time of year to be Salmon fishing is July -September. Come aboard and hear the reels screaming off line. These fish range from 5 to 40 lbs. We do many tournaments and derbies ask if there is any going on when you are in town. If you want to practice for this just hook a line to the back of a truck and hang on! If you haven't been Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario you haven't been fishing.





The Francis aboard the Cannonball Runner.

 Dan with a Big King

Before 9:30

Brit with a huge King.

Barb with a giant!

Miles showed how to get the job done

Miles with a giant King.

Shelly with a Great King.


Joe nice fish

Jeff always gets the Big one..

Take a kid fishing's 

As always Father knows Best  right Frank?