If you are going to walleye fish you might as well fish where the monsters are. All walleye trips are done out of Chaumont Bay. We fish the first 3 weeks of May out of this area. I grew up catching these fish before they became nationally known. We catch many 10 lb. plus walleyes every year. If your looking for a trophy give us a call. All are done during the day these are not night harbor patrol trips. People come all over to country to try for a monster Walleye. We use downriggers and planes. The combo of Michigan stingers and reef runners account for the majority of the fish. If you are interested in one of these trips call and book early most don't give up these days so there are not many available.





John and Robin great catch

Terry Nice Hat

Robin 1st Walleye!

Matt's smile says it all!

Joe comes every year for Walleyes

Warren Boys trip